Before his disappearance, the warlock Thulzar posed a question to the scholars and philosophers of the world. “Why do some stars hate the world?” he asked. None could answer the question, because the stars and their spawn have remained quiescent about that motivates their loathing.

A silent war has persisted between the stars and the world for millennia. Sometimes called the Forgotten War, owing to the subtley of the conflict compared to the Dawn War this battle is more significant than most believe. Star spawn are the stars’ soldiers in this battle, and through these creatures’ influence in the world, the stars seek to unravel civilization and, ultimately, life.

With the aid of powerful looking-glasses, a few warlocks have dared to search the deepest parts of the sky for the answer to Thulzar’s question. Those who have retained their sanity, who have seen the place where the Far Realm meets the oblivion of space, have seen dark, sinister creatures stirring. Forgotten by the gods and the primordials, these maleovolent creatures wait for something. They watch as Allabar, glides patiently across the sky, inciting the stars to war.

The Twilight Herald

Allabar sized