Traevus Ironheart



Traevus Ironheart is a dwarf of 63 years. Although young for a dwarf, his mud color hair has begun to recede, but what he lacks on his head his makes up for with a beard of magnificent splendor, accented with jewels and silver. Traevus tends to be well groomed and wears a pair of finely polished black, leather boots. His black pants are heavily pocketed and is off set by a light gray, linen shirt which is accented with strange lines and markings. Covering his shirt is a purple vest, again covered with pockets. Atop all of that is a black travelers cloak that trails slightly on the ground. Tucked into his brown, leather belt is a wooden rod and several cloth pouches.

Traevus has a familiar with him that resembles the face plate of a Warforged. The familiar has red glowing eyes and skitters around on three pairs of slender legs, that sprout from the side of the face plate. Of the six legs, the pair near the top or forehead are longer and are used to help lock the familiar to Traevus’ head as some kind of mask.


Traevus Ironheart spent a good portion of his life in an apprenticeship with Anarus Kalton, where he learned the art of magic. Along with Traevus, Anarus had another apprentice name Malareth. As Traevus grew in knowledge, so did the tension between he, Malareth, and Anarus. After a heated argument between the three, Traevus decided to sever ties with his master and left the Kalton Manor. After leaving Waterdeep, Treavus wandered the Realms for several years, before finally settling down in Shadowdale. In Shadowdale, Traevus setup a fine, magical items and armory shop known as The Leaky Caldron.

Traevus was away from Waterdeep for almost 20 years, and now spends he time looking to expand his business into Waterdeep. Although Anarus died almost 15 years ago, Traevus only learned of the news since returning to Waterdeep several days ago.

Traevus Ironheart

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